Outcome 10: Comprehensive training on sexual assault and sexual harassment provided to academic and professional supervisors (particularly of students)

How we will achieve this:

10.1 Review and update the compulsory training requirements for managers and supervisors (including the Respectful Supervision of Students module) to ensure adequate information is provided on the prevention of and response to sexual assault and sexual harassment.

10.2 Review the educational requirements for supervisors of students at off-campus sites, including affiliated staff (e.g. MNHS) as well as non-affiliated staff.

10.3 Review communications regarding support services and reporting pathways as part of the existing staff induction process, including services provided by the Respectful and Ethical Conduct team as well as the Safer Community Unit.

10.4 Promote and monitor the completion rate of Respect at Monash module for staff and report annually to the Respect. Now. Always Advisory Committee.