Outcome 14: Community exposure to support services and reporting pathways messaging is increased

How we will achieve this:

14.1 Map the existing promotion strategies to new students and staff to identify opportunities to increase contact points for new community members around support and reporting pathways.

14.2 Add promotional banners to key academic student contact points (Moodle, my.Monash) to increase student reminders of safety and support services.

14.3 Explore the integration of support service and reporting pathway messaging into re-enrolment to ensure an annual reminder for Monash students of such services.

14.4 Develop a comprehensive annual communications strategy to ensure consistent promotion to students and staff of reporting pathways, support services and prevention practices.

14.5 Introduce a slide and accompanying script for the first lecture of each semester detailing the University’s support services and reporting pathways.

14.6 In partnership with the MSOs, review and update the terms of reference for the twice-annual Safety Forum between Campus Safety & Security and MSOs to ensure a consistent and ongoing dialogue on safety and respect occurs.

14.7 Expand information available to students, staff and third parties regarding possible outcomes that could follow a formal complaint or report being made and explain what information they will receive regarding this throughout the process.

14.8 Review the process for providing information to students and staff once a formal complaint or report has been made, specifically relating to expected timelines and investigation procedures.