Outcome 21: Students have increased opportunities to learn about respectful relationships and setting boundaries through the delivery of evidence-based programming

How we will achieve this:

21.1 Develop and pilot a new engagement project, in partnership with the MRS Queer Scholars, MRS Diversity & Inclusion Committee and MRS Gender Equality Committees, for queer (LGBTIQA+) students on respectful relationships.

21.2 Continue to deliver the evidence-based Enhanced Assess Acknowledge Act Program for women, focusing on expanding the program to see a minimum of 100 students trained annually, with a focus on engaging MRS residents.

21.3 Contribute to the evaluation of the Enhanced Assess Acknowledge Act Program in the Australian University context by partnering with Monash and La Trobe University academics.

21.4 Continue to coordinate and support the peer-led sex education and respectful relationships initiative, Our Sexual Health (Instagram account).