Outcome 5: Extensive guidelines and practices in place to ensure student-led events and activities are safe and respectful

How we will achieve this:

5.1 Develop a Safer Spaces Event Guide for Clubs & Societies (and other event organisers), drawing on relevant external sources including the Respect@Work Report findings, to assist with the coordination of safer, more respectful and inclusive events.

5.2 Host a community briefing with all clubs and societies’ presidents and MSOs to detail the new Safer Spaces Events Guide.

5.3 Undertake an annual review of Safer Spaces Event Guide, including consultation with stakeholders.

5.4 Include information on training requirements for student officers, and information on legal and community responsibilities to create safe events.

5.5 Create and include a list of preferred off-campus vendors whose safety procedures align with the outcomes of the Safer Spaces Events Guide, and report back to the Respect. Now. Always Advisory Committee.

5.6 Review BRIGHT training in partnership with MSOs to ensure it is meeting the needs of their student leaders.

5.7 Review processes around removing students or staff who behave inappropriately from clubs, societies and their events.

5.8 Develop and implement a best practice, evidence-based alcohol and other drugs harm-minimisation campaign, drawing on the successful MRS social norms campaign.