Outcome 15: Staff receive same best practice level of care and support as students in making a disclosure or report regarding sexual harm

How we will achieve this:

15.1 Establish an Advisory Group and Project Team to oversee and coordinate the strengthening of the University’s response to staff disclosures and reports of sexual harm.

15.2 Monash HR staff are trained on Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence.

15.3 Implement the Respect at Monash: for staff module as a compulsory compliance module for all staff.

15.4 Establish a network of experienced and appropriately trained Respectful Workplace Contact Officers who provide support to staff complainants and respondents throughout the process of disclosures and reports.

15.5 Implement a case management system, as currently in place for matters involving students, to enhance reporting and coordination of disclosures and reports.

15.6 Engage OHS team in regular meetings to discuss the treatment of sexual harassment as an OHS risk, and to develop strategies for working together proactively to monitor and manage the risk.

15.7 Establish an anonymous reporting platform for staff to directly disclose or report matters to Monash HR.

15.8 At least one staff member within Monash HR’s Respectful & Ethical Conduct team to complete an advanced course in responding to disclosures.

15.9 Develop the role of Monash HR’s Respectful Workplace Contact Officers to provide support for staff involved in complaints of sexual harassment.