Academic freedom

At Monash, the importance of ensuring academic freedom is protected is paramount to all that we do in all areas of the University.

We don’t always know what research will become, but we consider it the role of academia to explore and question new frontiers without an end point in mind. It’s our responsibility to protect and support researchers’ ability to pursue their work free from the influences of external forces that could compromise the results.

These values are also enshrined in the Monash University Act, which includes an objective to promote "critical and free enquiry, informed intellectual discourse and public debate within the University and in the wider society" and in the Monash University Enterprise Agreement under the section governing intellectual freedom.

As a leading research university, Monash tackles numerous global challenges that have far ranging benefits for all. It is essential academics are able to freely share their findings and provide commentary on this world changing research.

Policy setting, academic decision making, protection of freedom of speech and academic freedom in general are all managed and protected under the direction of the Monash Academic Board.