Behaviour Expectations at Monash

The University is committed to building and maintaining a culture based on integrity and respect and setting standards of the highest professional behaviours.

We expect everyone to behave in a professional manner and to treat each other, with honesty, fairness and mutual respect. We expect everyone to be collegiate, and to encourage and support each other.

To create the professional and supportive environment in which we can all thrive, the University prohibits all forms of unacceptable behaviour, bullying, discrimination, harassment (including racial, religious and sexual harassment) and stalking. All members of the University, including bystanders who observe such behaviours, are encouraged to report such conduct. Victimisation of persons who raise a concern will not be tolerated.

Whilst there are policies and procedures that govern the conduct of our staff and students, we also expect the highest standards of professional behaviour from everyone who engages with us, including our visitors, affiliates, industry partners and service providers.

The University has policy and procedures dealing with each of these matters, including how to make a report of concerning behaviour, which are accessible via the tabs on this page.

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