Outcome 12: Deliver targeted education to international students to address disparities in reporting and seeking of support

We have implemented externally facilitated training on culturally responsive practice in managing and responding to disclosures and reports of sexual harm. This training takes an intersectional and culturally sensitive approach and will continue to be delivered to relevant staff as required.

Relationships in Australia workshop has been collaboratively developed by English Connect and Respectful Communities with a successful pilot delivered in July 2023. Two more workshops are scheduled for semester 2, 2023.  Following these workshops, a report will be prepared including successes, limitations and recommendations for future approaches.

Lived experience alongside skills, academic, and work background is considered in the recruitment and appointment of students to co-design and deliver training and other initiatives to their peers.

A brief has been developed, drawing on existing data and literature, for a project to help further understand barriers to international students accessing reporting pathways and support services.  Focus groups to be held to fulfil community consultation and a report including recommendations prepared in the second half of 2023.