Outcome 5: Extensive guidelines and practices in place to ensure student-led events and activities are safe and respectful

A Safer Spaces Event Guide has been developed and published as well as being shared with student organisations for local implementation. The guide outlines the features of a safe and respectful event, provides referral information to support and response teams, and includes checklists to help plan and run safe and respectful in-person and online events. A review of the Guide has been embedded in annual planning processes.

Monash student organisations have developed a database of preferred off-campus vendors for catering and venue provision whose safety procedures and approach align with the Safer Spaces Event Guide. This database will be maintained by Monash student organisations and updated as required.

The University’s flagship prevention and response workshop for students Bystander, Respect, Intimate Partner Violence and Gender in Higher Education Training (BRIGHT) has been reviewed in partnership with Monash student organisations to ensure it continues to meet the needs of students and student leaders. Key changes included:

  • Increasing practical content and scenario-based learning
  • Ensuring intersectional lens is applied
  • Enhanced clarity on the drivers of gender-based violence and how to challenge them

Work is underway to complete other actions related to this outcome, please check back periodically as we'll update our progress through 2023.