Outcome 19: Alignment of practice between international campuses, offsite teaching locations and Australian campuses on prevention and response to sexual assault and sexual harassment

Monash Indonesia has formed its taskforce to address sexual harm prevention and response as per the 2022 government decree and this group will perform the role of Respect at Monash subcommittee.

Monash University Malaysia’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee terms of reference have been expanded to include its function as Respect at Monash subcommittee.

The University’s local and global partner institutes have received communication from the Vice-Chancellor outlining Monash’s commitment to the prevention of sexual harm and effective response mechanisms with links to relevant resources.

Mapping of current reporting processes and prevention initiatives across international campuses and locations, as well as other key off-campus locations, has been undertaken with a report tabled at Respect at Monash Committee meeting 2/2023.