Oxfam-Monash partnership

The Oxfam-Monash Partnership is built on a simple idea – by working in partnership, we can achieve more than working alone.

With development organisations and academic institutions both having a significant role to play in reducing poverty and developing our world, we’ve teamed up with Oxfam to drive exciting initiatives - and make sure the positive work that’s being done makes more of an impact.


By combining our academic insight with Oxfam’s ground-level expertise, our action research programs are empowering communities, and supporting positive change in a number of countries.

Student Engagement

We run a number of programs that look to connect students, Oxfam and the broader development sector. Through these programs, we hope to build a generation of future leaders who are aware, informed - and ready to drive positive global change.

Practitioner development events

We host regular practitioner development sessions and other events to promote knowledge sharing and learning within the international development sector.