Preparing Relevant Circumstances for Promotion (Achievement Relative to Opportunity)

In support of the University's Equal Opportunity Policy and our commitment to gender equity, inclusion and diversity the University academic promotion procedures, the University provides an opportunity for staff to include details of their relevant personal, professional or other circumstances for consideration.

To facilitate a fair and equitable assessment of an application relative to the stage of career, we encourage staff to specify any career impacting circumstances to enable an assessment of achievement relative to opportunity.

In response to COVID19 the education, research and engagement contributions of many academic staff have been affected. The University is committed to appropriately recognising the extra contributions to teaching in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID19 and Faculties will work to ensure this is achieved through considering the affects of COVID-19 relative to opportunity. In addition, the research contributions of some staff have been profoundly affected by COVID19. The University will ensure COVID19 related impacts, relative to opportunity, will be understood and recognised for the purposes of academic advancement, probation and performance.