Our strategy

Our action plan is in motion as we work towards achieving our vision to become the university with the greatest impact on social mobility in Australia.

Widening participation strategy

Our strategic priorities are to:

  • Increase demand from talented low socio-economic (SES) students
  • Select for talent and equity
  • Provide financial and practical support
  • Ensure our graduates are expert, engaged, and in-demand
  • Promote our commitment to widening participation


Working together with our partner schools, we deliver outreach activities in-school and on-campus at Monash to engage students with higher education. We do this to introduce and enthuse students with the idea of university, and offer them guidance as they make informed decisions for their future.

The aim is to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds realise that university education is for them as much as it is for their peers. In doing so, we are able to recruit more students from low SES communities and ensure their access to a wide range of university courses.


One of our priorities at Monash is to deliver an inclusive education to all. We seek to educate the brightest minds irrespective of their circumstances, and to build a diverse connected University community.

We offer a range of entry schemes, pathways, and scholarships to create a level playing field. Whether a student has experienced financial disadvantage, attended an under-represented school, lives in a low socio-economic area, has a medical condition, identifies as Indigenous Australian, or is seeking asylum or refuge, they are eligible for a Monash education.

From the day our students start at Monash, we pair them with an experienced student mentor to learn how to make the most of their first year. Throughout their studies, students have various opportunities to contribute and give back by mentoring new students. We aim to foster inclusion and belonging even as they take the first step into their university journey.


We're committed to maximising the success of our students. The Monash experience is rich with opportunities for students to build their employability while studying - whether through mentoring, volunteering, leadership programs, industry training, research experiences, or on-campus jobs. We also deliver academic skills support so students can do well in their studies, improving their retention rate and success.

Our goal is for our students to graduate equipped for their future careers and to create impact in our world.

Our impact