Betty Amsden AO Alumni Mentoring Program

From our cohort of Access Monash Mentor Leaders, a number are selected each year to participate in the Betty Amsden AO Alumni Mentoring Program. This program supports Mentor Leaders who show leadership potential and have experienced educational disadvantage. The students are matched with Monash Alumni Mentors, who provide one-on-one mentoring with a focus on industry knowledge, networks, career planning and personal development.

The connection, guidance and inspiration provided by the Alumni Mentors assists students to transition successfully to the workplace and beyond. Activities include:

  • One-on-one mentoring opportunities where Mentor Leaders meet semi-regularly with their paired mentor who provides career advice, introduces their networks and exposes students to the realities, challenges and rewards of working in their chosen field
  • Workplace experience and shadowing – Mentor Leaders spend time in the workplace with their mentor to gain a greater understanding of professional roles and workplace culture
  • Small group mentoring with recent graduates (two to five years out) – Mentor Leaders gain practical advice in an informal setting.

Volunteer to become an Alumni Mentor

We are currently recruiting Monash alumni to participate in the program as Alumni Mentors. Alumni Mentors are selected based on their life and professional experience and their willingness to share their time, skills and workplace with a student. If you are interested, please email us for more information.

About Dr Betty Amsden AO

This program was made possible thanks to a generous seed gift provided by Dr Betty Amsden AO, who was one of Victoria's most visible and vocal advocates for philanthropy. Betty was passionate about using her skills and expertise to mentor younger generations to become future leaders and to make a difference. Her generous donation to Monash University is funding scholarships for 25 Betty Amsden Monash Mentor Leaders over five years.