Connect with Monash program

Connect with Monash is an online program that enables secondary school students to interact with our staff and students, and find out more about studying at Monash through personalised information.

How it works

Secondary school students can sign up and create a profile to get started. There will be questions for students to answer about their current studies, course interests, and aspirations during the sign up process. Based on profile, students will receive personalised content and for their course interests and aspirations, as well as connect with current Monash students who have similar interests and life experiences.

Once in the program, students are able to join groups that interest them. These groups, called Circles, allow students to learn more about specific topics, such as study area of interest and general study skills. There is also a range of online events, activities, and webinars to participate in - all designed to help secondary school students navigate high school and transition to university.

Benefits for students

  • Build networks and community with like-minded peers and current Monash students
  • Information about upcoming Monash events to make better informed decisions about the future
  • Participate in online activities for secondary school students
  • Receive support from successful current Monash students with study skills and general academic tips
  • Ease the transition into higher education