Making sure everyone can access our accommodation is really important to us. Many of our facilities have been specifically built or modified to incorporate specific accessibility features.

Accessible accommodation at Clayton

The Residential Village at Clayton has a number of accessible rooms, some with private en-suites.

The Urban Community (Turner, Holman, Campbell, Logan, Briggs and Jackomos Halls) have more than 50 apartments specifically designed with accessibility in mind. At 30 sqm, they're 50% larger than standard studio apartments, and the entrances to other apartments, communal areas, floor lounges and lifts are larger in order to provide better mobility.

accessible room

Some other added features include:

  • Ramps
  • Rails in bathrooms and toilets
  • Low kitchen benches
  • Laundry facility
  • Wide shower and bathroom areas
  • Lifts

See Briggs Hall accessible accommodation floor plan

Accessible accommodation at Peninsula

At the Residential Village Peninsula campus, the Student Village has a shared house with many accessibility features including a dual-bench kitchen. There are accessible paths from the residence to classrooms.  One of the Samada Street residences has many accessibility features and provides lots of personal space for a student seeking independent living.

The Peninsula Studio Apartments in Gillies Hall have 5 apartments specifically designed for a student with accessibility needs.  They are larger than the standard studio apartments, and considerations for a range of mobility modifications have been made.

Some other features include:

  • Ramps
  • Rails in bathrooms and toilets
  • Low kitchen benches
  • Laundry facilities
  • Wide shower and bathroom areas

To find out more about other services and resources available at Monash, you can contact the Disability Support Services.

If you require additional features to meet your needs, you must indicate this at the time of applying for accommodation. Some supporting documentation may be requested to accommodate your request.

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Off-campus accessible accommodation

There are a number of Off-campus providers that offer accessibility features like wider access, a lift between floors or equipment for hearing and visually-impaired people.

Get in touch with MRS' Off-campus Accommodation Services for privately-run, individual providers around each of our campuses through

In Victoria, rooming houses must by law register with their local council and provide accessible accommodation features.  So if you're looking to stay in a rooming house, make sure they comply with both of these regulations. You can find out more by checking with the local council, searching the Consumer Affairs Victoria Rooming House Register or by contacting us through ask.Monash.

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