Off-campus options

If you choose to live in the private rental market on your own, or with a group of friends, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

We can give you advice on searching for rental properties, setting up a share house, things to look out for before you sign a contract, an idea of comparable rental costs, how to budget, and how to get the essentials like your internet, gas and electricity connected.

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Finding a place to live

Most houses and apartments in Australia are rented through an agent.

However there are also landlords and housemates who rent a property or a room. Advertisements on all these options can be found on the following websites:

Real estate agents around our campuses:

If you’re looking to share with someone who already has an existing rental agreement, you can try websites like flatmates,or flatmatefinders.

Many shared options may be Rooming Houses and should meet Minimum Standards so do check if they are in the Consumer Affairs Rooming House Register before you move in. They could be unsuitable or illegal.

Some options include Homestay which is run by Monash College for all Monash students, Homeshare which is run by Wesley Mission and lifeAssist Homeshare .

Another option is the affiliated Mannix College, which is operated by the Catholic Church. This is located opposite the Clayton Campus and provides fully catered accommodation for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Get in touch

Don’t do this alone, send us an online enquiry so we can guide you on the legal and practical things you should know.

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