Be Rent Smart

Be Rent-Smart

Being Rent-Smart helps Monash students and staff who are living out of home in private rental accommodation make the most of their Monash experience - and keeps them informed about their rights and responsibilities in the rental market.

Before you arrive

We want you to be prepared for your move to Melbourne, so you will find a few key points below:

When you arrive

Now you need to start looking for a place to live - here are some helpful videos and information to make this easier for you.

Finding a place and Settling In

It may be your first time sharing accommodation or renting but you have no idea what to expect. Here is what you should know:


Monash is a great place and in order thrive, you need to keep on top of a whole lot of things! Maintaining study, a healthy mind and healthy body and not forgetting the main reason you are here: to get your Monash degree or diploma!

Non-Residential Colleges

By joining a non-residential college, you’ll have access to a fun and supportive environment enhancing your student experience when you are living off campus. For information on the Non-Residential Colleges, click here or check out the links for each individual college below:

Further Resources

Real Estate Agents

For a list of some of the local real estate agents located close to each of our campuses, click here.

Rental Costs

For an idea of what you can expect to pay in rent each week, check out our rental cost guide here.

Renting Tips and advice

Check out our helpful guides to make sure that you get the most out of your experience.