Inspecting properties

inspecting a house

Finding the right room or property can be pretty stressful. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


How close is it to your campus, shops and other places that are important to you? If it’s not close by, is it walking distance to public transport?

Property condition

  • Does the property smell fresh and clean, or musty and dirty?
  • Are the walls clean and freshly painted, or dirty and peeling?
  • Are the sink, stove and cupboards clean?
  • Does the kitchen have an exhaust fan?
  • Are the blinds and curtains clean and functioning?
  • Is the bathroom clean? Is there any mould?
  • Is there an exhaust fan near the shower? Does it work?
  • Is the toilet clean and working properly?
  • Can you open all the windows? Are any broken?
  • Is there at least one good fly-screen on the window of each main room?
  • Are all the wardrobe doors working?
  • Can you see any evidence of a leaking window or roof, or any water damage form under the front or back door?
  • Are there security screen doors on the front and back doors? Are they working properly?
  • Are there functioning deadlocks on the external doors?
  • Are there functioning smoke detectors?

You might find it handy to use this printable checklist when you’re inspecting properties.