Moving house

Moving house – whether it’s for the first time or fiftieth – can be hugely stressful. We’ve put together a bit of a checklist of some of the things you may need to consider, to make the process a little smoother.

Giving notice

If you intend to move out, you’ll need to give your current landlord or housemates written notice beforehand. How much notice you need to give will depend on your contract, but it’s generally around four weeks. There’s more information on the Tenants Union of Victoria fact sheet about moving out.

If you’re in a Monash homestay, we generally ask that you give your host or manager about a month’s notice before you leave.

Preparing for the move out

Before you leave you’ll need to:

  • Clean the property and take photos for proof of clean condition, for the final inspection.
  • Return the keys on the date your lease ends.
  • Make any final payments for bills and rent.
  • Contact the agent/landlord/housemate about any issues with the inspection and when the bond claim form will be ready for you to sign.

What if I’m breaking my lease?

Make sure you understand your obligations and rights before you do this:

Shifting your things

If you’re using a removal company, it’s worth getting a few quotes (always in writing). Ask what insurance, if any, they provide.

If you’re shipping things home, the same principles apply – shop around, ask for quotes in writing, and get an understanding of exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Redirecting your mail

It’s a pain, but when you move house you’ll need to update your address details with a whole range of suppliers (your bank, phone company, utility companies, insurance companies etc). A mail redirection can help in the short-term – you can organise this (for a fee) with Australia Post.

Selling your things

There a number of places you can sell your books, furniture and other goods:

Only leave unwanted goods in a rental property if the landlord or agent has agreed, otherwise you’ll be responsible for the cost of removing them.

A few final tips

Don't forget to:

  • Dispose of all rubbish responsibly. Some councils will pick up your unwanted household items, or try charities like The Salvos or Vinnies.
  • Arrange for final readings for your gas and electricity.
  • Arrange to have your phone disconnected (if you have a landline).
  • Start using up frozen food before you move and then defrost your freezer a day before.
  • Dispose of any inflammable items like paint and solvents (removal companies aren’t allowed to carry or store these). Your council will have more information about how to dispose of them.