Berwick Residential's history

Berwick building

Sitting very prominently at the rear of the central Berwick Campus buildings lie the Berwick Residential accommodation buildings.

This accommodation has grown with the Campus, with the first buildings at the North Flats being constructed in 2000 not long after the Berwick Campus opened its doors in 1995.

The building of these flats was in two phases, with 20 beds built first, followed soon after with another 10 beds. During the ensuing years, many domestic and international students enjoyed the community that these 5 bed residences provided as a home away from home. Nestled quietly behind the large cypress trees of Buchanan Park, they provided security and tranquillity (and not to mention enticing proximity to class) to those students undertaking education and computing courses.

Residents formed close social networks to ensure that life at Berwick remained studious, entertaining and memorable. Whether it was studying in the large lounge rooms, or spreading themselves out on the grassed areas, they quickly learned to cook together, clean together and laugh together.

Many of the residents were Norwegian students under their government's generous scholarship scheme to study abroad. Interestingly they were challenged by the differing climate, and the lack of surf beaches close to the Campus as they had been led to believe. Somehow surfing at lunch time had been part of their expectations of Berwick! Nevertheless they settled in and quickly provided a true international feel to the residences.

A successful partnership between the Monash Malaysia Campus and the Berwick Campus in the joint delivery of the showcase Banking and Finance degree, meant the influx of Malaysian international students requiring accommodation to the campus. As such, the existing 30 beds was not close to meeting the requirements of the numbers anticipated to enjoy the Australian learning component of the course.

An ambitious 120-bed complex was developed on the site. These impressive two storey buildings were constructed directly to the rear of the Campus buildings, providing an even greater incentive for students to leave their rooms at the very last minute before classes. This Hall of Residence, opened in March 2006, provided a different style of accommodation for a changing market, ie individual ensuite rooms, together with small shared apartments at the end of each wing. And the accompanying large communal recreation pavilion became the centre of residential life at Berwick.

Residents formed dynamic study groups in the pavilion between competitive games of table tennis and pool, or in the corridor common rooms close to the bustling kitchens and quieter bedrooms.

The stewardship of Monash Residential Services since 2000 has ensured that the residents have an exemplary standard of service, including 24/7 pastoral support. In recent years there has been a greater alliance with Peninsula Residential, and the accommodation has been a point of destination for students from most campuses of the University keen to take advantage of the MRS services.

Peninsula Residential rooms

Mascot and flag

The mascot for Berwick Residential is the bulls, and we are fondly known as the Berwick Bulls. This mascot was affectionately chosen due to the large parcel of pastoral land adjoining the campus. Our colours are black and red. As the Berwick Bulls we proudly wear these colours on special occasions and to support our fellow residents at sporting events.

Our live-in Residential Support Team (RST) offers guidance and support; they’re dedicated to making sure you're comfortable with all aspects of campus life and you're included in the fun.

The RST provides academic-support programs, sporting, social and cultural events and they have arranged an events calendar packed with fun so you get all the fantastic social aspects of residential living, as well as your privacy.

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