Normanby House

Normanby House is one of our smaller residences - opening its doors as one of the on campus halls of residence in 2005 it houses 101 students in single rooms which overlook a green courtyard.

Originally built and used as a seminary, it was acquired by Monash University and was, at one point, used as the Monash College Library.

Normanby House has motel-style ensuite rooms on the ground floor these are for short-term use by university staff, guests, parents of residents, post-graduate students and visitors on university business.

Mascot and flag

normanby flagThe mascot for Normanby House is the noble rhinoceros. Our colours are black, purple, white and silver – we rhinoceros take our sporting and social events seriously and these colours can often be seen through the rising dust as we charge our competitors and claim victory.

Our live-in Residential Support Team (RST) offers guidance and support; they’re dedicated to making sure you're comfortable with all aspects of campus life and you're included in the fun.

The RST provides academic-support programs, sporting, social and cultural events and they have arranged an events calendar packed with fun so you get all the fantastic social aspects of residential living, as well as your privacy.

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If you'd like to live at Normanby House and be part of our community, please apply here.