Roberts Hall

Built in 1971, Roberts Hall is home to 187 residents. The hall is built around two green courtyards and the rooms are arranged in groups around a shared bathroom and utility room.

Roberts Hall's history

Roberts Hall is named after Tom Roberts, the father of Australian Landscape painting. The Hall was opened in June 1971.

Tom Roberts photograph
Tom Roberts
1856 - 1931

Tom Roberts (1856 - 1931) was born in England but emigrated with his parents to Australia in 1869 where they eventually settled in the suburb of Collingwood. He initially worked as a photographer's assistant through the 1870s while studying art at night. In 1881 to 1884 he went back to England to hone his craft.

He returned to Melbourne and worked out of Grosvenor Chambers at 9 Collins Street in Melbourne, and at a number of artists' camps around Australia. His most famous paintings come from this period but he was also an expert maker of picture frames, and during the period 1903-1914, when he painted relatively  little,  he  derived  most  of  his income from this work.

Roberts painted primarily oil landscapes and portraits with his most famous works being Shearing the rams and The Big Picture. His paintings tended to focus on ordinary, particularly country, Australians working. His works portrayed activities such as sheep shearing and chopping trees or focused on the Australian landscape. He died in 1931 of cancer in Kallista near Melbourne  but  is  remembered  today  as  an artist who captured the unique character of Australia in his paintings.

Mascot and flag

bulldog flagRoberts Hall’s mascot is the Bulldog and our colours are red, white and navy. We bulldogs wear these colours proudly on special occasions and to support our fellow bulldogs at sporting events.

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The RST provides academic-support programs, sporting, social and cultural events and they have arranged an events calendar packed with fun so you get all the fantastic social aspects of residential living, as well as your privacy.

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