South East Flats

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Does the idea of living in a self-contained apartment, rather than a large hall, appeal to you? The South East Flats give you just that opportunity. Built in 1975, there are 30 furnished apartments, each with between two and five bedrooms and a shared bathroom and kitchen – so you can live a more independent, self-reliant lifestyle. The apartments are located in the south-east corner  of  the  campus  and have a pavilion which overlooks a scenic lake within the grounds.

All the apartments are fully furnished and you can have the opportunity to live with friends, in groups of two to five, each with your own bedroom/study space.

south east flats mascot

The South East Flats’ mascot is the eagle and our colours are orange and blue. The eagles are often seen proudly wearing these colours on special occasions and to support fellow eagles at sporting events where we can often be seen soaring through the heights of victory.

Our live-in Residential Support Teams (RST) offers guidance and support. They’re also dedicated to making sure you're comfortable with all aspects of campus life and you're included in the fun.  The RST provides academic-support programs, sporting, social and cultural events  and  they  have  arranged an events calendar packed with fun so you get all the fantastic social aspects of residential living, as well as your privacy.

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If you’d like to live at South East Flats and be part of our community, please apply here.