Pass rates, exit and housing surveys

Pass rates for residents

The below table demonstrates a consistently higher pass rate for students living in a Monash Residential Services managed on-site accommodation complex.

The results recognise the work and effort put in to supporting our residents and illustrate our on-going commitment to achieving our mission and goals.

Citizenship   Average progression ratio over a five year period from 2016 to 2020
Australian students (first year undergraduate) MRS resident living in on-site accommodation 92.64
Not living in MRS accommodation90.17
 Difference % 2.70%
International students (first year undergraduate) MRS resident living in on-site accommodation. 91.09
Not living in MRS accommodation88.01
 Difference % 3.50%

Housing surveys

Feedback is an essential component of our quality management cycle and as such we greatly appreciate our on-campus residents and our off-campus residents (both students and staff) in taking the time to complete the annual MRS on-campus resident survey or the MRS off-campus housing service survey.

The feedback gained this way provides valuable information to MRS for understanding the needs of our on-campus residents and the needs of students and staff using our off-campus housing service.  The feedback enables us to monitor our service delivery and assists us in improving our residential services.

Broadly satisfied results

From 2003 to 2019, survey results show that residents are broadly satisfied with the MRS experience.

Please see below for the results of the latest surveys (generally conducted at the end of the year) and for past response rates.

Exit surveys

Orientation surveys

Off-campus housing surveys