Car parking

Resident Parking Permits

If you would like to park in a residential parking area you need to have a valid Monash Residential Services Parking Permit. Each resident is eligible for one residential parking permit. To apply for a Residential Parking Permit, you need to complete an online Application Form via the MRS Resident Portal and show proof of vehicle ownership by providing the certificate of registration, a signed Contract of Sale or, insurance documentation. The car must be registered to you or your family.

Designated residential parking areas are highlighted on the campus maps. The parking permit system at Monash is virtual and uses license plate recognition.

Fines & Infringements

Any car parked in a permit area without a valid Permit may receive a Parking Infringement Notice and fine under the Road Traffic Act.

Visitor Parking

Visitor car parking permits are available from the Clayton Residential Village Administration Office and the Peninsula Residential Services Office for short term use within the designated parking areas.

More Information

For more information please visit the website: Parking at Monash