Transport & Parking


Clayton & Peninsula Gillies Hall

Your residence has proper storage facilities for residents’ bicycles. Bicycles should be stored in the bicycle enclosure. Access is via the student ID card. Bicycles stored inside MRS bike storage facilities must be secured with a lock. Residents should not chain bicycles to poles, posts and along walkways. Apart from being aesthetically unpleasing, there is the possibility that a resident might trip over the bicycle or part of the bicycle. Accordingly, bicycles left chained to poles, posts and walkways will have the lock cut-off and the bicycles will be removed. Monash Residential Services does not accept responsibility for any costs associated with replacing locks. Residents should be aware that bicycles left stored in facilities provided by MRS are stored there at the resident’s own risk.

MRS does not accept any responsibility for the loss and/or damage of  bicycles stored in facilities provided by MRS.

On departure, bicycles must not remain at Monash Residential Services. Any unclaimed bicycles will be donated to the Monash Bikery and/or a charity.

Peninsula Residential Village

Residents at Peninsula have access to campus bicycle storage facilities. Please ask at the Residential Office for more details. Bicycles may be stored close to residential houses and units, and it is expected that these are stored safely, and are not an obstruction or trip hazard to others. It is recommended that bikes stored outside are securely attached to ensure they are not stolen.

Remember that a fine or a warning can be issued for not wearing an approved bicycle helmet. Please review the following information:

Cars & Motorbikes

Speed limit on the roads and within car parks

At all times you must keep within the twenty kilometres per hour (20 kph) speed limit within the residential complex and take extra care in residential car parks. Avoid unnecessary revving of engines and sounding horns, especially at night. Riding of motorbikes in the courtyard is not permitted.

Repairs to cars and motorbikes

Unfortunately, we have no suitable place in Halls for carrying out substantial repairs to your vehicle. Only very minor work may be done in the car parks.

Traffic Offence

MRS will notify Monash Security of the registration numbers of any cars continually speeding or continually illegally parked. If you happen to be guilty of one of these offences, you may be banned from using the residential car parks. Should you witness a car that is being driven dangerously or the occupants of a car creating a nuisance, please notify the Administration Office switchboard immediately to enable Monash University security or the police to be contacted.

Inter-campus Shuttle Bus

Inter-campus shuttle buses run between Clayton campus and the Caulfield and Peninsula campuses.

These services are very popular so you need to get in the queue early during peak hours. You may be asked to show your student ID card.

For up-to-date information visit the Monash Inter-Campus Shuttle Bus website 

Parking & Residential Parking Permits

All residents are required to have a current valid Monash Residential Services resident parking permit to park in designated, approved parking areas. Residents are entitled to one resident parking permit.These permits are issued from the University via the online V-Permit Parking System. The University's parking system uses sophisticated technology that can record images and recognise vehicle license plate numbers. This permit only allows the resident to park in approved areas. Any car without a valid parking permit may receive a Parking Infringement Notice under the Road Traffic Act.

Residents must submit an online application through the Monash University Parking Permit system. Proof of vehicle ownership is required during the application process.

Authorised visitors and guests will need a Monash Residential Services visitor car parking permit available from the Clayton Residential Village Administration Office or the Peninsula MRS Office.

The parking spaces are there for you to use but MRS cannot guarantee every resident a car parking space and there is no guaranteed security.  High-powered lighting is installed in the car parks but in all other respects you take the same risks parking in the residential car park as you do in any street or public car park. Always lock your car and do not have valuable items visible in the car. MRS is not liable for any damage and/or theft to either the vehicle or property within the vehicle whilst the vehicle is parked in the residential car park.

During the summer non-academic period MRS carry out maintenance works on the car parks. Residents are not to leave their vehicle in an MRS car park during the summer period whilst they are not in residence. Residents will be liable for any expense incurred by MRS if MRS is required to move a vehicle to carry out scheduled maintenance.

As the car parks are monitored, parking restrictions apply throughout the academic year any resident/visitor who misuses or fails to display the appropriate parking permit may be issued an infringement notice. All Monash car parks are monitored and covered by the Road Traffic Act so the parking officers visit regularly. If you are caught parking outside the designated parking bays, you may receive a parking infringement notice. All queries relating to infringement notices should be directed to Monash Transport & Parking,or by calling 9200 8206 or emailing

For more information about parking please visit the Universities parking web page

Public Transport

Please visit the Public Transport Victoria website for transport information

Students may be eligible for public transport concessions. To see if you are eligible please refer to the Monash Travel Website.

RACV Pick Up Point

RACV Pick-up Point No 7 is located at Clayton just outside the MRS Administration Office (building 47 – 58 College Way). If you are a member of the RACV and you require a service vehicle, Ring 13 11 11. Tell the RACV operator that you are at RACV Pick-up Point No 7. Wait at the pick-up point for the service vehicle to arrive.

Security Shuttle Bus - Clayton & Caulfield Only

A free security bus service runs in the evenings at the Clayton & Caulfield campuses, Monday to Friday, and has different pick up and drop off points.  The shuttle service runs every 30 minutes between 5.30pm and 12.00am. There is no service from 12am onwards.

There is a bus shelter for the security bus service located at the Clayton Halls of Residence opposite the entry to Farrer Hall - Clayton Campus.

View the Bus Tracker here

Taxi Boxes

Taxi boxes are not permitted in Monash University parking spaces (RSTO parking spaces, red, blue and yellow parking zones, drop off points or loading zones) without approval from MRS.

Please email:

MRS Operations will provide you with permission and appropriate dates along with a specific location.

Walking around Campus

Please be aware of your personal safety at all times of the day and night when walking from your Hall of Residence to the Campus facilities. If you encounter any issues at any time, please contact Monash University Security on extension 333. There are help points with security cameras located at various points along the well-lit pathways.

Security escorts are available.  For more information, please visit Security Escort Service.