Resident Advisor Recruitment

Cody Fryar
"I have received some amazing training which has helped immensely as I feel more confident, both as a person and as a member of the community."

Cody Fryar

Welcome to the application page for Resident Advisors at Monash Residential Services.

About the RA roles

Each residence has a team of Resident Advisors (RA) providing support, engagement and development to their residential community. In addition, there are Central RA positions that provide events, initiatives and programs for the entire MRS community within the areas of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing, Sport, IT and Environment.

For detailed information on training opportunities, expectations, challenges and rewards, view the position descriptions below.

Want to become an RA?

To apply to be an RA and retain a scholarship (note: 2018 rates currently listed) at Monash Residential Services, students need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or holder of a permanent resident visa or humanitarian visa, or
  • Be an international student, and;
  • Be a current full-time undergraduate, honours or postgraduate student enrolled at a Monash campus in Australia (subject to special consideration from the Director, MRS), and;
  • Be a current resident with MRS, and;
  • Remain in residency with MRS and;
  • Maintain a full-time enrolment, and;
  • Not be in breach of any current MRS Conditions of Residency and;
  • Maintain a minimum of a pass weighted average mark of 50%, and;
  • Maintain the support of the Residence’s College Head as an appropriate, community leader in their Residence.
  • Adhere to the MRS RA Expectations of Behaviour and Conduct Guidelines outlined in the role descriptions below

RA Application Process

The table below summarises the application process

Action Dates Training Required
RA Information sessions 4 -12 August
  • Apply for a Volunteer Working with Children Card (WWCC)
  • Set up a myDevelopment profile so that you can register for training
  • Create a Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Applications open

–  Central positions

–  Residence positions

13 - 22 August

17 - 26 August

Hurdle 1 - You must complete the training requirement above before you will be eligible to progress to the interview stage
Interviews held 3 - 23 September  

Candidates notified about the status (nominated or unsuccessful) of their application

29 September- 1 October

Nominated RAs will receive an email from the College Head instructing them to complete mandatory online training

29 September-20 October

  • Immediately set up myDevelopment profile if you do not already have one
  • Submit a 100 word biography for the MRS website
  • Complete online mandatory training:
    • Equal Opportunity (1 hr)
    • Ethics and Professional Conduct (0.75 hr)
    • Privacy Online (0.75 hr)
    • Connecting Across Cultures (1.5 hrs)
    • RA Induction (0.6 hr)
Hurdle 2 - All nominated RAs must complete the above online mandatory training by 20 October

All nominated RAs who have
completed hurdle 1 and 2 will
receive an email notification from
MRS Management advising them
to enrol and complete the mandatory facilitated training requirements.

12 - 30 November

Complete mandatory facilitated training:

  • RA Training Summit (21 - 23 Nov)
    • (Vicarious Resilience & White Ribbon)
  • BRIGHT (2 hrs)
  • Mental Health First Aid (10 hrs)
  • SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness Training) (3.5 hrs)
  • Food Safety (4.5 hrs)
  • Queer 101 (2.5 hrs)
Hurdle 3 - All mandatory training must be completed by November 2018 prior to candidates being awarded a 2019 RA scholarship

Scholarship process

MRS RA Offer Pack sent via email.  This includes a letter of request to be a volunteer Resident Advisor, which must be signed and returned to the MRS office.

Monash Scholarship Offer made electronically via WES.  It is important that you follow the instruction listed under ‘responding to your offer’ by the deadline so that your role is recorded in WES and listed on your transcript.

  • Return signed letter of request to MRS Office
  • Accept offer from Monash Scholarships department

Apply online

Central RA Applications (Open 13 - 22 August)
Residential RA Applications (Open 17 - 26 August)