Resident Information Release Statement

A student may apply to live in accommodation provided by the University via Monash Residential Services ("MRS"), an administrative arm of the University.

As a resident and as a student of the University, an individual may be required to convey information to the University. Such information could include:

Personal information

For example, an individual's name, address or telephone number.

Health information

For example, information or opinion about the physical, mental or psychological health at any time of an individual, a disability of an individual or a health service provided or to be provided to an individual.

Sensitive information

For example, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, sexual preferences/practices or a criminal record.

Monash is bound by Privacy Laws to protect such information. For more information, please refer to Monash University's Privacy Statement. Further information is contained in our website including our privacy procedures, an overview of privacy laws in Australia and guidelines for the collection of personal information.

MRS is aware that for many students, living in University accommodation may be the first time the student has lived outside of his or her family home. This, no doubt, can be a wonderful experience for any young adult and a very exciting time. Whilst many new freedoms are open to them they must also assume new responsibilities which they may have previously never had to deal with. MRS is also aware that many parents and relatives may be concerned and anxious about the welfare and whereabouts of their family members.

In the event that concerned family members contact MRS requesting information about a resident, the University is bound by Privacy Laws and is therefore constrained in what information it may be able to disclose to them. MRS will endeavour to assist relatives of residents as much as it can subject to the University's privacy obligations referred to above.

To complete and upload a Resident Information Release Form, please login to the Resident Portal, go to the 'Other Portal Options' page, and select the form from the drop down menu.