Staying over summer

Just like school, University teaching periods usually stop for summer holidays.  For us, the summer period is the time between the end of your contract for one year, and the start of your new contract for the following year.  For example: Residential Village accommodation contracts finish in early December until early February the following year.

If you would like to stay over the summer, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can nominate to keep your room and continue in that room provided you have put in your application for the following year, or
  2. If you are staying on campus over the summer period, you may be relocated to another hall/house/unit for the summer period as some of our buildings are closed over the summer break. If you are relocated during this time due to maintenance or other works taking place, you must be available to transfer from your summer accommodation into your usual allocated accommodation in the first week of February of the new year, or
  3. If you wish to stay over summer but not continue residency in the following academic year, please note that there is a cut-off date beyond which you cannot stay in residence. This date is usually in January and will be communicated to you through our monthly mail out. This provides MRS with the opportunity to prepare the room you will be vacating for the next resident who will be arriving.

Be aware that part of our conditions of residency means you can’t pass on your room to another resident over the summer period.

If you choose to vacate your room at the end of the contract period and not stay over the summer, you will need to find somewhere to store your belongings.  Unfortunately, we don’t offer this service and can’t store your belongings in the communal areas.

Students living at Briggs Hall or Jackomos Hall on the Clayton Campus must note that summer stays do not apply to this accommodation.  Those wishing to stay over summer must sign a new contract for 12 months.

The Staying over Summer application form will be made available in October.