Use of images of residents participating in MRS activities

At any event organised by MRS, individual residences, or social committees, photographs and video/audio of residents may be taken. Examples of such events include (but are not exclusively):

  • Orientation program events
  • Training programs
  • Sporting events
  • Seminars and vocational events
  • Academic Dinners
  • Residence functions (like suppers, cultural programs etc)
  • General usage of MRS spaces for service and activities

Photographic, video and/or audio recordings may be taken during the course of these events and functions. Such recordings may be used, reproduced, published, communicated or broadcast for advertising, marketing, informational or promotional purposes and or for teaching and research purposes.

The images used should not present individuals in a negative light - and will only be used if the content of these images is consistent with the MRS Vision Statement and Mission Goals.

If you do not wish to have photographic, video, audio or other visual portrayals of yourselves taken or used as outlined above, you can withdraw your consent for individual events by advising the coordinator of the event(s), their College Head or the photographer, or in writing to MRS for a general withdrawal of consent.

MRS Residents only: To withdraw your consent, you should send an email from your Monash Student email account to, with the Subject of the email Photo Consent Withdrawn.

In the body of the email, please provide your full name and student ID number, and state that you do not consent for MRS to use your image for the purposes outlined in the MRS Use of Images of Residents participating in MRS Activities statement.