Car parking

Once you become a member of our on-campus community, we'll do our best to ensure you receive free parking at any of our designated car-parking bays  – but we have to let you know this isn't always 100% guaranteed.

Car parking and security

We know that safety and security is just as important to you as it is to us – so we've invested in purchasing sophisticated technology that can record images and recognise vehicle license plate numbers.

Our security team monitor the campus car parks 24/7 and high-powered lighting has been installed in most car parks – so our team won't miss a beat.

Car parking tips

Make sure that when you do park your car, you're in one of our designated car parking spaces – there's nothing worse than returning to your car only to find you've received a parking infringement notice.

Our car parks carry the same risks as any other public car parking space – so make sure that your car is parked within the lines, securely locked and take those valuable items with you.

Our responsibilities

It's simply a matter of duty to let you know that we cannot be held liable for any damage and/or theft to either your vehicle or any property in your vehicle while it is parked in the Halls car park.

Your responsibilities

To gain a clear understanding of your responsibilities when using the campus car-parking spaces, we highly recommend reading our car parking policy.