Events Overview

2018, whilst not yet complete, has proven to be an incredibly successful year in terms of the reach of the MRS White Ribbon committee. Across our nearly 3000 resident-strong community, over 20 events have been held that have reached an audience of over 700 residents. Each of our 14 halls hosted at least one event for the year, many based around the Cheese for Change themed events that were held Australia-wide throughout March.

The annual White Ribbon dinner held at the end of July proved yet again to be an incredibly successful event through its ability to engage directly on the issue with our residential community. This year's guest speakers - White Ribbon Australia board member Nick Mazarella and leading organisational change expert Stephen Scott Johnson - empowered the audience through their experience and understanding of how to create sustainable change.

To date, the committee has raised over $3,500 for the year which has gone directly to White Ribbon Australia to equip 50 schools with access to resources that will enable them to deliver the award-winning Breaking the Silence program to their students, which marks an important step toward generational change with this issue.