Vice-Chancellor White Ribbon Statement

The following statement was read on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of Monash University, Margaret Gardner, by the Director of Monash Residential Services, Trisha Prpich, to open the annual MRS White Ribbon dinner that was held on Friday July 27, 2018. The event was held in the MRS function room in front of an audience of 162 guests. White Ribbon Australia board member Nick Mazarella was in attendance and also addressed the audience.

Vice-Chancellor of Monash University

Celebrating a culture of respect is core to Monash. As a diverse and inclusive community, this University sets an example to the wider community that surrounds us about the type of environment we aspire to inhabit.

Achieving true gender equity is essential to that endeavour.

Equity drives excellence. A culture where women have the opportunity to participate equally across every level of our organisation makes us better as a University and stronger as a community.

And only through the combined efforts of many members of that community can we become the truly excellent and inclusive institution to which we aspire.

This is why Monash is committed to the principles of White Ribbon.

The White Ribbon Campaign recognises that each of us, as members of the Monash community, has a role to play in changing the status quo around inequality and violence.

Changing that status quo means ensuring every member of our community has the confidence to speak out and challenge unacceptable behaviour when it occurs.

We advance these values through our actions – as researchers, as educators, as professional staff, as an employer, and as a community – to show that violence and disrespect against women is never tolerated.

The Monash Residential Services (MRS) White Ribbon Committee is essential to this endeavour.

Students who live “on res” are a singular cohort among our Monash community, and Monash has a singular responsibility to ensure that the environment in which they reside, study and socialise is truly inclusive.

Since its foundation the MRS White Ribbon Committee has helped to build and continues to foster this environment, through its work to embed respect, equity and inclusion within the fabric of our University.

On behalf of Monash, I congratulate and thank the MRS White Ribbon Committee and the wider Monash Residential Services team for their tireless contributions to create an equitable, inclusive community to which we all aspire.

Professor Margaret Gardner AO
President and Vice-Chancellor