Central committees commence 2022

Monash Residential Services provides various Student Leadership opportunities to residents. At the end of each year, returning residents have the opportunity to apply to become a Central Resident Advisor and oversee a Central Committee as a co-chair in one of the following areas:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Environment
  • Information Technology
  • Gender Equality
  • Sport & Wellbeing

Committee membership is held by a nominated Resident Advisor (RA) in each Hall to represent one of the areas listed above.

The Residents’ Committee is the largest MRS Committee that comprises Executives, voted in by the RA cohort.  The Central Committee co-chairs also sit as representatives on the Residents’ Committee.

The various committees met in March and have all started planning engaging and educational activities to deliver throughout 2022. These events include; Cultural Day, Wellbeing Day, an Earth Hour Sunset Picnic and the Vampire Cup, just to name a few.