College Clash 2021

College cup

On Wednesday 14 April, various Monash student communities from Monash Residential Services (MRS), Non-Residential Colleges

(NRC) and William Cooper Institute came together to battle it out in person to win the 2021 College Clash.  Students competed to earn valuable points for their teams by participating in a range of team challenges including shooting basketball hoops, skipping, solving brain teasers, tug-of-war and so much more.

There was a fantastic vibe during the event which was held at Monash Sport Clayton with 19 teams and approximately 500 participants rotating through various activities. Participants wore their team t-shirts and many enhanced their team attire by using face paint, wearing bandanas and bringing signs to show support. A tasty dinner was provided using our onsite retailer Guzman y Gomez providing teams an opportunity to socialise, enjoy a slushie and listen to tunes from the entertaining DJ.
Once the College Clash concluded, the top 8 highest ranking teams made it into the Campus Community Division (CCD) Cup Finals to compete in the Airplane Champions Cup. Ten participants from each of the eight teams had to throw a paper plane with only the top three distances being recorded for their team. Planes went in all directions - up, down and even backwards from the starting line. The crowds continued to cheer and the volume level increased when the winners were finally announced! Congratulations to all winning teams below.

College Clash Winner: Turner Hall (MRS)

Campus Community Division Cup Winner: Howitt Hall (MRS)

Team Spirit: Howitt Hall (MRS)

Best Supporters: Farrer Hall (MRS)

Best Dressed: Lupa/Phoneix College (NRC)

It was a fantastic night for everyone and wonderful to see the continuation of residential programs safely being offered in 2021.