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Free Leadership Training @ Monash Residential Services - Supporting learning, supporting leading and enhancing the community

At Monash Residential Services (MRS), student leaders are given the opportunity to lead their community and receive formal recognition of skills developed in leadership roles. MRS provides more than just a room. We offer care, support and enrichment to students living on-campus. Our teams of volunteer student leaders, in the roles of Resident Advisors (RAs) and Hall Society executives, form the backbone of our community. We prize learning and continuous improvement within our teams in order to best support the residents at Monash.

If you become a volunteer student leader there are numerous leadership activities and training opportunities available. The biggest investment, time-wise, is nationally recognised Certificate IV Leadership and Management training. This program can be viewed as the equivalent of a full unit spread over 2 semesters and has been offered free to Resident Advisors and Hall Society Executive members every year since 2012. The training content is tailored to the MRS (and the student leadership) experience and utilises RA/Hall Society activities as part of the assessment program. The training reflects the role of individuals working as developing and emerging leaders. By completing the course as a specific cohort our volunteers have the opportunity to leverage classmates' experiences and bounce ideas off each other. Participants put into practice the principles of leadership, reflect on what went well and uncover opportunities for growth and improvement. The carefully selected units deliver a broad range of knowledge and skills necessary for effective community leaders and are excellent additions on a CV. Topics include effective communication for leaders, implementing and monitoring health & safety policies, developing teams and individuals, promoting innovation, and implementing continuous improvement cycles.

Monash University is focused on the betterment of our communities, both locally and globally. Through engaging in the extensive training opportunities available, student leaders living at MRS are being equipped with the skills and experiences to excel in their personal and professional endeavours as well as cultivating a vibrant, supportive and inclusive community at Monash and beyond.

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