MRS Ball 2017

MRS ball groupThe annual ResComm Ball once again aimed to dazzle and provide a memorable night for the residents of the MRS community. Held on the 12th of May at the beautiful Pullman Hotel at Albert Park, residents were met with a stunning venue with the real gala feel.  

Around 650 plus people put on their fanciest attire to have a chance to escape from the assignments, tests and troubles that semester holds. No matter where you looked, a sight of wonder and enjoyment could be seen from every angle.

The night involved a night of dancing, eating, socialising and the occasional drink. Over the night residents were treated to a 3-course meal, starting with a cold refreshing entree and ending with a delectable dessert.
The night isn’t only about the food and friends. The sensational DJ Dan took command of the music and treated residents to some of the best dancing hits from over the decades. Positioned in front of a vast dancefloor, residents boogied the night away.
With two photo booths for memorable photos to be taken with wacky props, and 3 wondering photographers. With over 1000 pictures taken over the night, there are plenty of photos to cement a wonderful night!