MRS Career Development Program

MRS Career Development Program Launched in 2021

Specifically tailored for MRS residents, the MRS Career Development Program provides students with the unique opportunity to gain fantastic career development knowledge and skills, from a wide range of offerings and self-paced learning.

The program has been designed so that MRS students can work through three separate modules at their own pace, and learn skills that are relevant to their careers both during and after their studies.

The modules cover the following:

  • Personal Management: Designed so that students can explore their own interests, skills, values and learn what motivates them to work. In particular, students are encouraged to understand how their own behaviours and attitudes influence both theirs and others goals and decisions.
  • Learning & Work Exploration: Further expanding on module 1, module 2 helps students to identify their own skills, and link them to personal career aspirations. There is also an emphasis on the importance of positive relationships in the workplace.
  • Career Building: The final module specifically focuses on supporting the transition from university studies to the workplace. This module helps students to understand the employment process, and how to communicate university experiences in professional and compelling ways.

MRS Residents’ Committee President, Cass Chellis has really benefited from the Career Development Program - “The MRS Career Development Program really helped me solidify my understanding of the modern job application process. I loved how the course gives participants a look into the active thought process of recruiters and hiring managers, it really helped me analyse my own resume and CV through a different perspective.” 

Students at MRS can find out more about the Career Development Program and sign up for the training here.