MRS Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of the MRS community. With residents from over 82 countries around the world and a proud queer community, we aim to celebrate our diversity wherever possible. COVID-19 restrictions presented an opportunity for the Central D&I committee to engage residents over several different online platforms.

Culture Connect
MRS is proud of our cultural diversity, and we aim to provide opportunities for residents to connect and learn from each other. Through this event over Discord, residents were able to share various aspects of their culture with each other, including parts that are visible and those more deep-rooted in the culture.

Queer Media Showcase
Similar to Culture Connect, the Queer Media Showcase was an event for queer students and allies to share their favourite queer media. Discussions revolved around movies, television programs and music. This provided an opportunity for residents to become familiar with more queer media, as well as discuss intersectional matters within each of these areas.

Monash University Diversity and Inclusion Week at MRS
As a part of Monash University’s Diversity and Inclusion week, MRS Central D&I hosted an ‘Inclusion at MRS’ event on Zoom. Participants were able to take part in various activities such as guessing the meanings of idioms, collaborating on a giant online puzzle and exploring how our community is similar yet different.

Around the World
Around the World has been a favourite event for many, where each hall could represent different countries and residents could travel ‘around the world’ to experience these different cultures. This year, the committee put an online spin to this by hosting the event on Facebook. Residents were able to share food, art and news from their respective cultures throughout the week while also participating in various guessing games. Hosting the event through Facebook allowed for high levels of participation and provided an easily accessible platform for residents from similar cultural backgrounds to connect.

Humans of Res
Inspired by ‘Humans of New York’, the D&I committee posts submissions from residents who want to share their story each week on Facebook. The stories explore ideas surrounding identity and growth, especially in terms of how each person’s experiences have shaped them to make them who they are today.

Despite the challenges that 2020 has presented, the MRS D&I committee have persevered and been able to engage the community. We hope to carry this year’s successes into the future of the central D&I and strive to celebrate the diversity of our community and make sure everyone feels welcome.