MRS Green Impact

Green Impact

MRS Achieves Gold!

Well, the results are in and we are beyond THRILLED to announce that Monash Residential Services achieved a Gold Award for the 2021 Green Impact Program!

The Green Impact program is a team-driven challenge for staff and students, designed to embed sustainability and wellbeing in the workplace or living space. It covers actions regarding engagement, circular economy, net zero, urban ecosystems, transport, health and wellbeing and labs. It is part of a wider program at Monash promoting Planetary Health and sustainability. Sustainability is an enabling element of Focus Monash, the university's strategic plan:  Our staff and students will reflect the world we are working towards: diverse, inclusive, innovative and sustainable.

Given 2021 was MRS’ very first year participating in the Green Impact program, it was an enormous effort. Many of the Green Impact action items were things we were already doing at MRS, which is amazing in itself, but the program also inspired us to create new initiatives and expand on some of our existing ones.

MRS managed to complete 97 action items in total, achieving 746 points. Those actions may appear like small acts individually, but collectively, they amount to a lot. It's the cumulative effect of small actions which make a huge difference to sustainability and achieving climate targets.

We would like to congratulate the MRS staff and the entire residential community for this amazing achievement and a BIG shout out to the residential halls who participated and also achieved a Green Impact status of their own, well done!

  • Howitt Hall - GOLD
  • Logan Hall - GOLD
  • Richardson Hall - GOLD
  • Holman Hall - SILVER
  • South East Flats - SILVER
  • Briggs Hall - BRONZE
  • Campbell Hall - BRONZE

The program continues in 2022 with the enthusiastic support of our Environment Resident Advisors, residents and MRS staff. We are committed to improving the sustainability performance of the university and will keep up the efforts in taking action in a healthier planet for a healthier future.

Find out more about the Green Impact program and Planetary Health initiatives.

Green Impact Gold Award 2021