MRS Orientation 2018

Monash Residential Services 2018 Orientation

New beginnings

MRS’ Orientation period has officially welcomed over 1,145 new residents to our community which this year is made up of just under three thousand residents across 14 halls at both our Clayton and Peninsula campuses.
The orientation period is vital for our new residents as they familiarise themselves with the challenges of living away from home and the multitude of opportunities on offer within our community. To assist them with this significant transition, a variety of training is offered. The ResStart program is designed to assist students with ensuring that they feel both welcomed and safe and that they are equipped with the necessary information to transition smoothly into life on campus in their new ‘home away from home.’ Additionally, residents also undertake Sexpectations training where community expectations around respectful relationships and consent are explored within a SECASA trained, peer led environment. Residents are also offered the opportunity to attend sessions to inform them of how to adopt a safe and responsible approach to alcohol within the MRS community. Once armed with an understanding of the residential environment and their rights and responsibilities as members of it, the new residents set their sights on settling into university life, making friends and having fun!

Over the course of the 16 day orientation period, some 500 plus events were on offer. This includes both hall specific events and centrally organised offerings such as the MRS Carnival, lawn and ten pin bowling nights, movie nights and day trips to Phillip Island and the charming city of Melbourne. The in-hall events provide new residents with an opportunity to begin forging friendships with those who they live with and to get to know the staff responsible for them during their stay. Our aim is that our new residents complete the orientation program with an understanding of their community’s values, some new friendships and a positive sense of the space that they now occupy.


Food services provided over 10 thousand meals during this period, averaging over 640 meals per day! Proof that orientation activities develop a hearty appetite, particularly in the absence of home cooked meals! Indeed, orientation proved once again to be a fun and festive time that saw the masses covered in the colours of their new hall merchandise, in what was a visible demonstration of our community. With the foundation now set, we look forward to the year ahead.