MRS orientation program 2022

The MRS Orientation kicks off in full swing!

In February, the Monash Residential Services (MRS) Orientation program was delivered to its full capacity (in-person events returned*). A total of 1,304 new residents were welcomed into the 2022 community.

They were invited to enjoy a jam-packed central activity program including:

  • Trip to Ikea
  • Multiple BBQs run by the MRS Residents’ Committee
  • Quidditch and Games Day
  • Beach Day
  • Moonlight Cinema
  • Bowling
  • Trip to Luna Park
  • Completing compulsory training requirements

In addition to the central program, residents could also attend multiple Hall specific events.

The atmosphere around the MRS community was buzzing. Residents could be seen connecting, laughing, and having fun throughout the two-week period. Many staff commented that it was so nice to see residents have the opportunity to engage via in-person events again and bring the student presence back.

The MRS Orientation period enables incoming residents an opportunity to understand community expectations, become familiar with the on-campus environment, develop friendships and connect with the friendly live-in support staff and student leaders.

*All events were run in line with Monash COVID safe guidelines.