MRS Virtual Community engagement

While the use of technology has been adopted to deliver some of our residential programs within our communities for quite some time, we never envisaged that we would be hugely reliant on technology to deliver the residential program to-date. In order to ensure our students were kept engaged during the COVID-19 restrictions, we utilised new and innovative channels to deliver virtual training sessions, games and online activities using a secure platform. We also embarked on the new norm of hosting all meetings online.

Below is a snapshot of some central engagement initiatives.Poster image

Secret Sound Competition

Every Friday using our virtual platform we have been running a Secret Sound Competition. Students login to the platform and listen to a mystery sound that has been recorded around the residential community. Residents then need to guess the sound being played. So far, each week, the sound has been guessed correctly and the winner has walked away with a voucher that is aimed at supporting local food businesses. This event has been very well-received with participation numbers gradually increasing each week.


Bingo has been a popular game played throughout the halls using many variations. We took this a step further and were able to run it using a virtual platform by issuing e-Bingo cards. Students received these via email and marked-off numbers as they were being called. While we didn’t provide any prizes, it was a good engagement activity and kept residents entertained.

Online training in suicide prevention

Mental Health education has always been a priority for Monash Residential Services. During the COVID-19 restrictions, we have teamed up with LivingWorks to offer residents an opportunity to undertake a course in suicide prevention. The course is aimed at building-up participants skills in suicide prevention. The training program is available free for all residents and will be delivered in May.

While our offerings have been adapted to suit the current climate, the focus of engaging our students remains the same. We continually strive to provide our residents with opportunities to connect with others and continue to feel part of the MRS community.