We're all in this together

Sometimes it is the small reminders in life that can make the biggest impact. We are all having unique experiences with the COVID-19 crisis and have made the necessary adjustments at Monash Residential Services to assist in keeping our residents engaged while ensuring the safety of all community members. This has included altering the way we do things within our residences and workplace to comply with restrictions, as well as changing our mindset to mitigate the impact on our lives and social connections.

Monash Residential Services is committed to providing a supportive residential experience to our community and we are fortunate that we have dedicated staff and student leaders as part of our support team. Given the circumstances, our staff and student leaders felt it was important to let our community members know that no matter where they are, we will get through this ‘all together’ and they are not alone in the journey.

A collective video message was developed by staff and student leaders to send a message of support (in Auslan) to our community. The video was narrated by the Director of MRS, Ms Trisha Prpich thanking everyone for adapting so quickly to these changes. The video also highlights the adjustments that have been put in place to ensure the safety of our community and remind everyone that support is available. It reinforces the notion that MRS continues to remain a strong, safe and secure community.

“We’re all in this together”.