Where We Belong Welcome Program

This semester, Monash Residential Services welcomes more than 1,100 new residents to our diverse and inclusive community of over 3,000 residents across the Clayton and Peninsula campuses.

Arrival into residence is undoubtedly an important period for new residents in their transition to living on campus as it provides the opportunity to become familiar with new surroundings, create friendships and learn our community values.
Changes to the Monash University orientation program in 2020 have presented a unique challenge for our in-hall Residential Support Teams.

In the absence of face-to-face events and activities, MRS has developed the ‘Where We Belong’ welcome program. This includes a range of inclusive online activities aimed at ensuring the support of new residents in their transition to life on campus, and providing opportunities for residents to meet their peers and the staff available to support them.

During this period, in-hall staff are personally welcoming new residents on arrival and the on-site Halls Cafe is providing a great number of meals every day of the week.

Our ResStart website supports new students for a smooth transition to living away from home by providing the information necessary to move-in, settle-in and thrive within the Monash Residential Services community. All new residents are offered the opportunity to learn about community expectations around safe and respectful relationships, and about our approach to alcohol within the MRS community through the Sexpectations and DrinkSmart programs. These training sessions were adapted to online units to ensure that the training is accessible to all new residents.

Our aim throughout the Where We Belong program is that all residents join Monash Residential Services with an understanding of community expectations, opportunities to form new friendships, and a strong sense of belonging within their community.