Clayton Campus Developments

MRS Residential Village Bathroom/Kitchen upgradesBathroom

Over the next few years the 5 Halls of Residences - Richardson, Roberts, Farrer, Deakin and Howitt Halls will have significant upgrades of the kitchen and bathroom areas.

These upgrades will modernise those spaces providing a better experience for residents.  The program of works is scheduled to minimise impacts on residents, such as over the summer break or closing a hall temporarily.

The schedule is as follows:

Richardson/Roberts bathrooms - completed 2021
Richardson/Roberts kitchens - completed 2021
Howitt bathrooms and kitchens - summer 2022
Farrer bathroom/kitchens - semester one/two 2022 
Deakin bathroom/kitchens - summer 2023

MRS environmental improvement projects

There are a number of projects that will improve the environmental performance of MRS buildings at the Halls of Residence, they include:

  • LED lighting upgrade in Roberts, Richardson, Howitt, Deakin and Farrer Halls to be completed by end of summer 2022
  • Gas to electricity boiler conversion at Old Deakin Hall that will reduce greenhouse emissions to be completed by the end of summer 2022
  • Garden irrigation upgrade at the Halls of Residence to automate it that will result in less water usage, complete by December 2021.

C2 carpark landscaping project and standby generator

Formerly known as the C2 car park, the area in between the Chancellery and Logan Hall will be redeveloped into a native flowering meadow landscape.

The landscape will contribute to campus presentation and experience, increase and diversify existing Nationally significant native flora and provide learnings and potential research opportunities for the ongoing management of native grassland species.

Landscape elements will include better access to the centre of campus, more lighting for safety at night, 14,000 plants, seating reflection areas & pedestrian safety around the Logan Hall delivery bay.  In addition a new standby generator will be installed in this location that will provide power to Logan Hall in the event of a power outage.

Construction will commence on  28 June 2021 and be completed in late December 2021.

Smart Manufacturing Hub

Located in the heart of the wider Monash Technology Precinct at Clayton campus, the Smart Manufacturing Hub will bridge the connections in between technology creators and innovators with Monash’s world-class researchers and talented students to build data-driven, automated and efficient ecosystem of laboratories, design and makerspace. The project will redefine the functional and spatial usage of the Technology Precinct by connecting four functionally distinct but integrated areas: Up-Link, Co-Lab, Design-Hub, Team-Hub.

Constructions will commence from April 2022 and will be staged across 2022 and 2023.

Victorian Heart Hospital

Australia's first dedicated heart hospital will be located in the eastern precinct of our Clayton campus, adjacent to the Australian Synchrotron.

The Victorian State Government, in partnership with Monash University and Monash Health, has committed $478 million to fully fund the construction of the Victorian Heart Hospital. A total of $543 million has now been committed to the project, including a capital and in-kind contribution of $65 million from Monash University.

The new heart hospital will have allocated spaces for Monash University students to learn, research and gain experience studying alongside industry experts. This includes training facilities for cardiac medicine, nursing and related healthcare professions.

The proposed hospital will accommodate approximately 195 beds, an emergency department, cardiac catheterization labs, specialist surgical and imaging facilities and tele-medicine services for Victorian, interstate and even international patients. The hospital will have capacity to provide 2,000 cardiac surgeries per year and 108,000 consultations and outpatient appointments.

Designed by Conrad Gargett and John Wardle Architects, in joint venture, the design takes inspiration from the tree-lined campus site, with an emphasis on opening the building to the surrounding landscape.

Early construction works will begin this year, with completion of the hospital expected in 2022.

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Map of the Clayton Campus developments

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