Clayton Campus Developments

Northern Pavilion

The new Northern Pavilion will deliver an exemplary, accessible venue comprising high-quality sporting function spaces and associated services that continues to transform the sporting precinct to meet the formal sporting and recreational needs of the University's staff, students, visitors and alumni. A welcoming, high-quality addition to the campus will emerge, contributing to the broader renewal and ongoing revitalisation of the sports precinct at Clayton campus.

With demolition of the old pavilion completed in late 2019, construction is currently underway and due for completion in August 2020. The tennis courts will also be resurfaced as part of the project, due for completion in June 2020.

The Northern Pavilion is part of a long term commitment to deliver world class multi-sport facilities at Monash.

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The Northern Pavilion is part of a long term commitment to deliver world class multi-sport facilities at Monash. Find out more here

C2 carpark landscaping project

Formerly the C2 car park, the area in between the Chancellery and Logan Hall will be redeveloped to a vibrant landscape. Construction is expected to commence in January 2021 and be completed in June 2021

Robert Blackwood Hall façade rectification

The Robert Blackwood Hall which is near Logan Hall will undergo facade rectification works between January - April 2020. The works will include improvements to the building's brickwork and external artwork.

Victorian Heart Hospital

Australia's first dedicated heart hospital will be located in the eastern precinct of our Clayton campus, adjacent to the Australian Synchrotron.

The Victorian State Government, in partnership with Monash University and Monash Health, has committed $478 million to fully fund the construction of the Victorian Heart Hospital. A total of $543 million has now been committed to the project, including a capital and in-kind contribution of $65 million from Monash University.

The new heart hospital will have allocated spaces for Monash University students to learn, research and gain experience studying alongside industry experts. This includes training facilities for cardiac medicine, nursing and related healthcare professions.

The proposed hospital will accommodate approximately 195 beds, an emergency department, cardiac catheterization labs, specialist surgical and imaging facilities and tele-medicine services for Victorian, interstate and even international patients. The hospital will have capacity to provide 2,000 cardiac surgeries per year and 108,000 consultations and outpatient appointments.

Designed by Conrad Gargett and John Wardle Architects, in joint venture, the design takes inspiration from the tree-lined campus site, with an emphasis on opening the building to the surrounding landscape.
Early construction works will begin this year, with completion of the hospital expected in 2022.

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Map of the Clayton Campus developments

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