Briggs Hall Accommodation Complex Policy

1. Introduction

To assist with providing a safe and comfortable living environment for all Tenants, Monash Accommodation Services (the Landlord) has made the following Briggs Hall Accommodation Complex Policy (Policy) which sets out the rules that must be followed by all Tenants (and guests) at Briggs Hall (Accommodation Complex).

This Policy elaborates upon the obligations of Tenants prescribed by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) (the Act) and the standard Residential Tenancy Agreement, regarding the safety and protection of all persons and property.

All Tenants have agreed to comply with Policies made by the Landlord (see: clause 8 of the Additional Terms’ in the Residential Tenancy Agreement signed by all Tenants).

Tenants should be aware that this Policy is not an exclusive or comprehensive list of every obligation relevant to Tenants.  At all times, Tenants must act in accordance with the Act, their Residential Tenancy Agreement and any other applicable obligations.

2. General Rules

2.1 Tenants are responsible for any guest brought into the Accommodation Complex and must ensure that those guests comply with this Policy.

2.2  No person is permitted to access any of the following areas within the Accommodation Complex without the Landlord’s prior written consent:

(a) the roof;

(b) any plant room (including but not limited to rooms housing machinery, boilers, switchboards, lift motors or pumps); or

(c) any other room or area where signage indicates access is restricted.

2.3 All Tenants’ possessions (and those of any guest) must be stored in the Tenant’s own premises.  The Landlord reserves the right to remove any items stored or otherwise left unattended in or around the Accommodation Complex.

2.4 Bicycles may be kept in the bike shed and must not be stored or left unattended in other areas of the Accommodation Complex, such as the common areas, passageways or gardens.  The Landlord reserves the right to remove any bicycle stored or otherwise left unattended in or around the Accommodation Complex.

2.5 Objects (of any kind) must not be thrown from any window or 1st floor deck area.

2.6 Tenants must not do or allow anything to be done to persons or property which may invalidate the Landlord’s insurance policies.

3. Fire and Safety

3.1 Tenants must not do anything which may create a fire or safety hazard.

3.2 Tenants must not use or store Hazardous or Dangerous Materials in their premises or any other part of the Accommodation Complex.

“Hazardous and Dangerous Materials” includes (but is not limited to) flammable, combustible, burnable or ignitable lubricants, liquids, fuels or chemicals.

3.3 Tenants must not interfere with (or use without authority) any fire fighting equipment, including smoke and thermal detectors.

3.4 Tenants must ensure that decorations and all other items displayed or stored in the Accommodation Complex do not obstruct fire detection or fire fighting fixtures or equipment.

3.5 Tenants are encouraged to participate in, and co-operate with the Landlord during the conduct of, fire and emergency evacuation drills held at the Accommodation Complex if Tenants are in the Accommodation Complex (including within their premises) at the time of the drill.

4. Smoking

4.1 The Accommodation Complex and the Surrounding Area is a smoke free environment.

4.2 Tenants must not Smoke (and must ensure that his or her visitors do not Smoke) cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, or any similar product anywhere while in the Accommodation Complex (including inside a premises within the Accommodation Complex) or within the Surrounding Area except for in Designated Smoking Areas. For the purposes of this clause, “Smoke” or “Smoking” shall include the inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying of any lighted cigarette, cigar, or any similar product whose use generates smoke and also includes the vaping of nicotine or non-nicotine based products; “Designated Smoking Areas” means those Smoking shelters designated by the Landlord within the Surrounding Areas as being suitable for the tenant and his or her visitors to use for Smoking purposes and are indicated on this map: and “Surrounding Area” means the Clayton Campus of Monash University. Smoking is banned inside all areas and outside except for in Designated Smoking Areas.

5. Condition and Care of the Accommodation Complex

5.1 Tenants must not (without the Landlord’s prior written consent):

(a) paint any part of the Accommodation Complex (including any part of the tenant’s premises);

(b) affix any sign, antenna, cabling or fixture to any part of the Accommodation Complex (including any part of tenant’s premises);

(c)  affix any nail, screw or other item of fixtures (such as adhesive tapes or hooks) onto walls, ceiling, doors, furniture or equipment in the Accommodation Complex (including in the tenant’s premises);

(d) undertake or allow another person to undertake any structural or other renovation or alteration to the Accommodation Complex (including to the tenant’s premises);

(e) change any lock or place or install any additional lock on any door or window in the Accommodation Complex (including in the tenant’s premises);

(f) place foil, cardboard or any other material or object in or on any window in the Accommodation Complex or a or alter any window coverings in the Accommodation Complex (including in the tenant’s premises);

(g) carry out any mechanical repairs or spray painting of any item or thing, such as motor vehicles, boats, motor cycles or bicycles in or around the Accommodation Complex (including in the tenant’s premises); or

(h) use or permit to be used any appliance for making alcoholic beverages in the Accommodation Complex (including in the tenant’s premises).

5.2  Tenants must deposit all rubbish including general waste, bottles, cans, cartons and newspapers in a proper rubbish receptacle as provided by the Landlord

6. Repairs and Maintenance of Premises

6.1 Tenants must lodge all general maintenance requests relating to their premises or the Accommodation Complex at:

6.2 Tenants must report all requests for urgent repairs relating to their premises or the Accommodation Complex by calling 9902 7777 [or ext. 27777 from an internal phone].

6.3  Tenants must, as soon as practicable notify the Landlord of any blockages or defects in drains, water services, toilets or sanitary systems. No item that could cause a blockage (including but not limited to feminine hygiene products, excessive amounts of toilet paper, articles of clothing) may be flushed down the sewerage, septic, storm water or drainage systems.

6.4 In accordance with the RTA, Tenants may be liable for all reasonable costs and expenses:

(a) associated with any repairs carried out where the damage was caused by the Tenant (this includes for example the eradication of pests or infestations introduced or caused by the Tenant); and/or

(b) incurred in rectifying defects caused by the Tenant or a guest of the Tenant (for example of cost of rectifying blockages or defects referred to in paragraph 6.3).

6.5 The Tenant acknowledges that to the Landlord may undertake and complete any maintenance or building works to and within the Accommodation Complex and may, for this purpose, close or restrict access to areas of the Accommodation Complex at its discretion.

7. Damage or Destruction

In the event that all or part of the Accommodation Complex is destroyed or rendered unfit for occupation, the Landlord shall not be obliged to re-instate the Accommodation Complex (or that part of the Accommodation Complex, including any premises) and may terminate one or more Residential Tenancy Agreement in accordance with the Act.

8. Common Areas

The following rules apply to all Common Areas within the Accommodation Complex:

“Common Area” means an area in Briggs Hall in which facilities are provided for the use of tenants other than as part of the rented premises (e.g. the front deck, common rooms, floor lounges and games room).

8.1 Responsible alcohol consumption is permitted:

(a) in individual floor lounges located in each wing and on each floor;

(b) in the third floor Games Room; and

(c) in the BBQ area located in the central courtyard.

8.2  Alcohol consumption is not permitted:

(a) in the first floor Main Common Room unless prior approval has been granted by the College Head;

(b) on the front deck overlooking the courtyard.

8.3 In accordance with Victorian law, alcohol must not be consumed (regardless of the above rules) by any person under 18 years of age.

8.4 No type of food and/or drink is permitted within two metres of the pool table in the third floor of the Games Room.

8.5 The doors to individual floor lounges must be closed at all times (or an alarm will sound).

8.6  Bicycles can be kept inside the bike shed and must not be left anywhere else in or around the Accommodation Complex as this creates a safety hazard and nuisance to other Tenants.

8.7 Any organised function within the common areas of Briggs Hall must be approved, prior to the function taking place, by the College Head

8.8 Personal belongings must not be stored/left in hallways as these create a safety hazard and a nuisance to other tenants in Briggs Hall.

8.9 The Xbox/Nintendo Switch/PS4 Game usage instructions must be adhered to and equipment returned as per advice from the Residential Support Team. Instructions will be posted on Hall Facebook page.

8.10 At all times, care must be taken to avoid causing damage to a common area or any property within a common area.

8.11 In relation to the communal laundry facilities located on the 1st floor of the Accommodation Complex, Tenants must:

(a) remove their rubbish from the laundry room;

(b) wipe down bench tops and sinks after use;

(c) empty dryer filter after use;

(d) switch off iron after use;

(e) put ironing board away after use;

(f) remove clothing items from washing machines and/or dryers at the end of the washing and/or drying cycle as not doing so prevents other tenants from using these facilities;

(g) take care not to damage the laundry facilities when using them;

(h) report any faults to the Reception office;

(i) if a washing machine or a dryer is needed and the cycle is complete, that they carefully remove and store other tenant's belongings from wash dryer in available storage areas in the laundry; and

(j) use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that any guest brought into the Accommodation Complex by the Tenant does not use the laundry facilities.

9. Car Parking Rules

Tenant’s must park vehicles in accordance with the Monash University Parking Rules and only park vehicles in areas designated as car parking bays that do not have signage restricting the use of the bays to authorised persons, such as members of the Residential Support Team.

Updated 16 November 2020