Contents insurance

Monash Residential Services (MRS) and Monash University does not take out personal contents insurance on behalf of MRS residents. This is in line with the normal practice followed by owners of private and commercial housing rental properties who do not take out personal contents insurance on behalf of their tenants.

As such it is important to understand that MRS and Monash University will not accept any responsibility for damage to and or loss of personal property of residents and their guests.

Please also be aware that the legislation made pursuant to the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act 1958 empowers the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) to recover its costs of attendance at fires where there is no insurance cover on the contents. This legislation relates to both privately owned houses and flats and also to rented accommodation.

Even though the buildings and associated contents owned by MRS are insured by Monash, if you do not have personal contents insurance for your belongings, the MFB may charge for attending a fire. In the event of a fire or other emergency do not hesitate to ring 000.

Further, even though you may have your own insurance policy, it is always advisable that residents take their own precautions.

For example, observe all of the safety precautions to prevent fires from occurring in the first place and lock your door if you are not in your room. If you have a bicycle, secure and lock it when it is not in use and make sure that it is covered under your insurance policy.