NRAS Tenancy Information and Eligibility Requirements

About NRAS

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The NRAS apartments are low-cost, single occupancy housing funded through the Commonwealth Government's National Rental Affordability Scheme.

Under the scheme, the apartments can only be rented to those who meet the NRAS Eligibility Requirements, therefore applicants will be required to provide evidence of income and confirm that they are eligible. Before applying, please ensure that you are eligible at the time of logging your application and at the time of commencement of the lease.

Unlike all other student accommodation at Monash University, the NRAS apartments are offered as a traditional rental/lease agreement with Monash Accommodation Services Pty Ltd (MAS) being the landlord.

Tenant Eligibility Requirements

NRAS mandatory requirements include the following two provisions:

1. Dwellings must be rented to 'eligible tenants', i.e. tenants whose income levels fall within the initial income limit. The income levels for eligible tenants are specified in the NRAS Regulations:

To satisfy the income threshold and thus be an eligible tenant, your total combined gross income for the 12 month period immediately before you move into a NRAS approved dwelling must be equal to or less than the initial income limit of $52,795. [The initial income limit of $52,795 is correct as at 1 May 2021]1.

Initial tenant income levels are assessed against gross income according to the household composition. Briggs Hall and Jackomos Hall offer single occupancy leases and as such the initial income limit is $52,795 per annum.

Income may increase up to 25 per cent (the upper income limit) before their eligibility is affected. Household income limits are indexed annually on 1 May in accordance with the NRAS tenant income index.1; and

2. Dwellings must be rented at a rate that is at least 20 per cent below the market rate.

See accommodation rates and information about period of fixed term residential tenancy agreements.

Tenant section

As there is considerable demand for these dwellings there is no guarantee that you will be able to rent a dwelling developed under the Scheme. The Australian Government does not select tenants or maintain a waiting list for homes supported by NRAS. This is done by the tenancy manager of the  particular  property. The allocation of NRAS dwellings to tenants is assessed by, and at the discretion of, the tenancy management organisation. As long as NRAS eligibility requirements are met, decisions will be made in line with their usual policies and processes.

If your Application is successful, you will be required to:

  • complete and sign a fixed term Residential Tenancies Agreement;
  • produce a driver's licence or passport for identification purposes;
  • provide additional information as requested to meet NRAS eligibility requirements;
  • complete and sign a Tenant Demographic Assessment and Consent Form
  • complete and sign a Condition Report

Additional options

Please note that the following dot points are suggested things you may wish to do. If you choose not to do any or all of the following it will have no bearing on your eligibility to live in an NRAS approved dwelling. Suggestions:

1. We recommend that you take out personal contents insurance for your belongings. Remember, it is your responsibility to insure your possessions. The landlord's insurance policy does not cover your possessions.

2. We also strongly recommend that you take out membership with Ambulance Victoria.

For more information refer to 'Renting a Home: A Guide for Tenants' which we will provide to you on your arrival and which is also available from Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 55 81 81 or from their resource: Renting a Home: A guide for tenants

1 More details on tenant income levels and tenant eligibility can be found at the Government website